Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome to PammiCakes Recipes

Thanks for visiting my food blog.  I am excited to get this blog started and to begin to share my passion for cooking with you all.  My background is in finance with seven years of corporate experience.  I work with forecasting and budgeting tools on a daily basis for my full time job and I enjoy taking these concepts and adapting them into my personal life and my love for cooking.  We all work hard to budget our time and money in the most effective ways possible for our busy lives.  Through my blog I am looking forward to sharing some of my tricks I have learned and also learning from all of you.

When I was a little girl, I would always help my mother out in the kitchen.  I loved to watch her cook and create amazing meals with very little reference to recipes.  She rarely measures anything, and she adds a little bit of this and a little bit of that and every meal is always delicious.  My mom is always baking up scrumptious muffins, cookies, and treats making the house smell so sweet.  Since I have moved out of the house, I cannot remember a time when I haven't left from a visit with a special goodie bag filled with comfort food from my childhood.

Everyday I try my best to develop the skills I learned from my mother and create yummy meals and baked goods for my husband, friends and family.  I have had many successful attempts, and of course some failures, but it is a fun learning experience that I am thrilled to continue with all of you. 

Now lets conquer cooking mouthwatering food while not interferring with our spare time and wallets.   

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